Faces of Kenya 2020 – Calender

Faces of Kenya 2020 – Calender

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Through the quaker service, the german quaker support a number of development projects worldwide. One of them ist the Rural Service Programme in Kenya. Currently we are offering a calendar in A3 format for sale that consists of pictures of kenyan faces. The Rural Service Program benefits to 100 % from the profit.



This year in February a delegation of the german quaker service went to the region of Vihiga County in Western Kenya to visit the project. The Rural Service Program covers an area between Kakamega and Kisumu and facilitates diverse rural development e.g. securing springs, giving microcredits or giving assistance to groups of people that have been stigmatised for being diagnosed HIV positiv.

The most meaningful pictures that were taken during that visit were consolidated to form a calendar with faces of people we met. About 80 % of the profit is going to be donated to the Rural Service Program.

(Minimum) Donation
25 € (plus 6 € shipping)

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IBAN DE05251205100007441800


We wish you great pleasure with the Faces of Kenya

Stefan and Johanna in behalf of the
Quaker Service Germany